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What’s Your Passion?

Ignite! is an internationally syndicated presentation series with a unique twist: 20 speakers fire off 20 slides in just 5 minutes each, for a night of inspiration-filled, rapid-fire talks.

Share what matters most to you. We’re seeking Tampa Bay’s most passionate and talented people to share stories, ideas, and inspiration. Everyone is welcome to submit a talk as long as you have something compelling to say, we want to hear it.

Ignite 2019 is scheduled for Thursday, June 6th at the Palladium Theater in downtown St. Pete. Applications to speak are being accepted and individual and well as group seating tickets are on sale now. 

On March 28th, we had a kickoff event to build up excitement for Ignite. You can check out the press coverage and photos from the event below.


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June 6th

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Palladium Theater

253 5th Ave N.

St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Ignite Tampa Bay is a fun, fast-paced, evening of presentations where speakers gather to share their knowledge and passion.

Each speaker gets exactly five minutes to teach, enlighten, or inspire the crowd, all backed up by 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds.

Talks cover a wide range of (often geeky) topics, from roller skating to nuclear reactors.

Ignite Tampa Bay’s unique rapid-fire format draws a loyal audience that reflects our vibrant community, often filling our venues to capacity. Each event is different, but you’re sure to experience talks that will educate, inspire, motivate, and entertain. The Ignite concept first appeared in Seattle in 2006 and has since spread to many cities across the globe. We brought Ignite to Tampa Bay in 2011, and have been running events annually since.  You can find videos from past Ignite Tampa Bay events below or in our video archive.

Ignite Tampa Bay is a production of Technova Florida, Inc., a Tampa-based all-volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to creating resilient, radically inclusive tech and maker communities that empower positive change.

Our all volunteer organization produces other events throughout the year including Barcamp Tampa Bay each fall.

Can't Wait for Ignite 2019?

Click Here to Get Inspired by Past Presenters on the Ignite TB YouTube Channel

The Palladium Theater in St. Petersburg was the host venue for the eighth annual Ignite Tampa Bay! Our attendees enjoyed beverages from the theater bar and mingled with other guests and speakers. Our Emcee Marvin Scaff opened with his thoughts on fostering innovation and the concept of “Thinking Wrong” to help warm up the crowd. The following 19 fast-paced talks entertained and engaged our audience of 300+. There were tears, laughs, occasional rowdy outbursts, and even someone that started a wave (you know who you are).

To finish the event with some momentum for next year, event organizers Peter Radizeski and Antony Francis called wanabee Ignite presenters to the stage. See you next year!

Check Out Last Year's Powerful Lineup of Passionate Speakers!

*Please note these are presented in no particular order nor is this the order presenters will give their talks at the event. We typically have >100 speaker submissions each year on average and unfortunately the speaker selection committee can only select 20 talks. We strive for diversity and to represent as many segments of our community as possible.  The overwhelming response by all of you demonstrates the passion of the bay are community members. 

Talk Title Speaker
What to do when the Lights are Out Barry Greene

Learn Do Share

Dan Denney

You AF

Daniel Scott

Stroke of Genius

Doug Pace

To Absurdity

Joel Lopez

Using Blockchain Technology to Combat Art Theft

Nick Baldwin

Making it in a technology backwater

Alex Eckleberry

Men are Coming Home! (from Mars)

Jordan Nickel

How to create a world which thinks beautifully

Victoria Michael

Six F’s that drive us – Ignore them at your peril

Chuck Papageorgiou

People, Politics, and Propaganda

Amina Spahic

The Best Mistake You Will Ever Make!

Tony Francisco

 Printing Patients: 3D Printing for Surgical Pre-planning and Simulation

Melissa Mathews

 Growing in the Dirt

Derrick Blue

Going Tribal: Creating a Culture Where Creativity Thrives   

Dulani Porter

Stories Connect Us

Matthew Fetterman

Peaceful Revolution

Sharon Britton

I Hate Cancer Monica Gray
What’s Your #1 Stacey Taylor

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